What Type of Mower Should I Buy?

The type of lawn mower you buy should be reflective of the type of lawn you have.  If you have a sprawling expanse of a yard, you probably don’t want to walk it.  On the other hand, using a riding mower on a small lawn might be overkill.

Cub Cadet Push Mower

Push Lawn Mower

If you have a small or medium sized suburban lawn a walk behind lawn mower should do you just fine.  There are a few styles to choose from – reel mowers, electric mowers and gas mowers.  Reel mowers and electric mowers are for the most part maintenance free and eco-friendly, and are a good option for smaller yards.

If you go the gas route you have two basic options – push or self-propelled.  If you have a relatively flat lawn, or don’t mind the workout, a push mower is a good option.  However, if you have a hilly lawn, a self-propelled mower is the way to go.

For large lawns & folks that enjoy the convenience (or the prestige) a riding mower can get you through your mowing duties with ease.  Your basic options here are lawn tractors and zero turn mowers.

Toro Zero Turn Mower

Zero Turn Mower

Lawn tractors are great for their strength.  They are attachment capable and can handle hills, but speed and agility are lost.  If you plan on doing more than just mowing, like aerating, hauling carts, or attaching a snow blower, a lawn tractor will help you get the big jobs done quickly.

If speed and maneuverability are important, zero turn mowers are the best option.  They can fly through open yards and turn on a dime to get in close to obstacles and edges.  They can take some getting used to, but are worth it if you want to tackle large lawns quickly.  With a zero turn mower, you can expect to cut your mowing time in half when compared to a lawn tractor.


One Comment on “What Type of Mower Should I Buy?

  1. Weight is going to be a key consideration here as well. Though a self propelled mower will undoubtedly take away the strain on you when working any hills, you might find that on a lighter (and less expensive model) that you can cope with the uphill push without the need for self propulsion. Look through what’s available and try and assess what weight you can cope with, as well of course whether you have a yard large enough to warrant a self propelled mower.


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