What’s the Difference Between Lawn Tractors and Garden Tractors

You’ve likely heard of both – lawn tractors and garden tractors. What you may not have heard is that they’re not interchangeable terms. Lawn tractors are a bit lighter and feature less horsepower. Garden tractors tend to be heavier duty with more horsepower and geared more toward pulling heavier loads.

Lawn Tractors

13A2775S000_12545_600Lawn tractors are strong enough to pull light carts and spreaders for fertilizers. They can be converted to snow plows or snow blowers during winter months.

Lawn tractors also feature two-blade cutting systems. The deck sizes range from 42- to 54-inches, but sometimes smaller or larger ones hit the market.   You won’t be able to tow ground engaging attachments, so you can’t till soil or use a grader; but because they’re smaller than garden tractors and have less power, they’re less expensive.

Garden Tractors

960-43-01-49_9894_600Garden Tractors are the tough guys!  You’ll find engines in the 20-29 HP range and larger back tires for enhanced ground grip for using ground engaging implements.

Garden tractors have wider decks, which is another reason they require more power than lawn tractors. They usually have 3-blade decks that range from 48″ to 54″. These beasts have the power to tow attachments like tillers and box scrapers thanks to a locking differential.

So depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, lawn tractors and garden tractors serve different purposes. Lawn tractors are more ideal for level-surface yard work such as mowing, spreading grass seed or fertilizer, and towing carts full of grass clippings or leaves. Garden tractors are more ideal for larger lawn projects with uneven surfaces or handling garden tasks such as cultivating soil and pulling dead vegetation out by the roots.


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