Advantages of Zero Turn Mowers

Lawn mowerscommercial_zt_bg_200 come in many shapes and sizes, but most of us know that the zero-turn is considered the king of lawn mowing.  What many people don’t know is why zero-turns are the “bee’s knees.”

One huge advantage of a zero-turn mower is the ability to cut grass in tight spaces and to be able to get close to objects like trees and retaining walls.

With lawn tractors, it’s not as easy to get that close. Zero turn lawn mowers maneuver you into these hard-to-reach places so you can avoid having to break out the string trimmer as often.

Zero-turn lawnmowers also have much larger engines, and their deck sizes are much larger as well, so you can move faster and cut more grass with each pass, enabling you to finish your yard work in less time.

Because zero turn mowers have rear-mounted engines located behind the seat, you will have an unobstructed view while you mow, unlike with lawn tractors, which have the engine in the front, blocking your view of what’s immediately in front of you.

If you’re a professional landscaper, a zero-turn lawn mower is crucial for completing jobs sooner so you can earn more income each day. But even if you’re a homeowner using it on your own lawn, they make mowing the lawn a breeze.


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