What to Consider When Buying a Used Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Rem_Bat_500Cordless lawn mowers are a great way to cut out gas and oil, produce less noise, and even save yourself the trouble of pulling a string until your arm falls off.

But if you’re searching for a used one, there are a few things you ought to consider to ensure you get a few quality years of service out of your investment.

The Battery

When considering a cordless lawn mower, remember that the source of all of it’s power is the battery. Ask how new the battery is, and if it’s old, try asking for a drop in price. If it’s an old battery, you’ll want to buy a new one before long.

Consider the type of battery it has. The amount of volts the battery produces determines how long your motor will run and how much grass you can cut before recharging or swapping out the battery.

Manual or Self-Propelled

Depending on your health, or perhaps just your preference, you may want to inquire about whether or not the mower is self-propelled. Not all mowers move themselves.

If you’re in poor health or just don’t have the stamina to keep pushing your mower around, some mowers come self-propelled. These mowers will move themselves, and you just have to follow along and turn it where necessary.


Brand is a major factor when shopping for a used mower. The more popular brands are likely to carry replacement parts for their mowers so you don’t have any trouble finding what you need to make necessary repairs down the road.

Researching Used Pricing

You’re online now, so open another window or tab. Search for used cordless mowers online and in classifieds to get a general idea of how much they go for. This way you know if you find a deal or if someone’s trying to rip you off.

Previous Use

Ask questions. You’ll notice sales people ask more questions than they answer. They do this to lead the conversation and find out what they need to know about you to close the deal.

Ask how old it is. Ask to see all of the user manuals and papers that came with it. Ask them why they wish to get rid of it. If it’s really a great mower worth having, then why don’t they want it for themselves?

Was it used commercially or once per week by a homeowner? Commercially used equipment gets used as many as 8 hours per day, and they’re not always gentle with the equipment when they’re transporting it.

How Does it Run?

Quite possibly the most important thing to do is test it out. Chances are, the person selling it has grass nearby. Ask to mow a small area of longer grass to find out how well it runs.



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