Two Weeks Until Spring

8732718624_677e673940_zWith the official date of spring, March 20, just two weeks away, it’s hard to believe we’re still getting snow in parts of the country.

Up here in Chicagoland, we’re getting a bit of snow today, but in just 14 days, temperatures will be reaching into the 60s with rain and thunder storms.

While there may not be a gradual transition from winter to spring, it won’t be late. Spring’s official date will hold true, and by the end of this month you’ll see some grass.

If you need a new mower this season, now’s a good time to start researching. Check the most current ratings and reviews at Mowers Direct.

Springtime is also a great opportunity to do some overseeding. Using an overseeder in springtime when the temperatures level out in the mid 50s is very beneficial to thickening your lawn.

Use a mulching kit with your mower on a higher setting through the first part of the summer and heavily water your lawn once per week to help the seeds take well.


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