Help Your Lawn Breathe

Walk-Behind Aerators

Walk-Behind Aerators

Over time, the soil your lawn grows from becomes compressed, leaving no room for it to breathe. When this happens, your yard’s roots can’t get enough oxygen and nitrogen from the soil.

This especially becomes a problem if you use a lawn roller. While lawn rollers can help make your lawn look great, they also compress the soil, eventually robbing your grass of essentials.

Tow-Behind Aerators

Tow-Behind Aerators

By aerating your lawn, you loosen the dirt and allow it to breathe. When you should aerate can vary, depending upon what type of soil you have and what type of climate you live in.

In warmer climates, it’s usually best to break out the lawn aerator during late spring or early summer. However, in cooler climates, it’s usually best to hook up your tow-behind aerator during late summer or early fall.

Also, depending upon your soil, you may have to do it more frequently. With clay soil, compression happens much more easily. Therefore, you’ll need to aerate twice a year – spring and fall.


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