3 Reasons to Use a Corded Mower

25022_5117_600Gas lawn mowers are the standard in many back yards, but times – they are a changin’.

1. While you may hate pull-starting your mower so much that you’re exhausted before you’ve even begun mowing, a corded electric mower doesn’t need to be pull-started. It starts with the push of a button or the turn of a key.

2. With two-stroke gas engines, you have to mix oil with the gasoline. This can be a real chore, and if not mixed properly can generate plumes of smoke in your face when you start it up. Even 4-stroke gas engines require checking oil and adding fresh gasoline on a regular basis. Corded mowers don’t require any gas or any oil changes.

3. Neighbors get annoyed with the noise your mower makes, especially if it’s outside of the 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. slot on Saturday. In addition, the noise and the vibration of the handle are enough to even drive you a little nuts! Corded electric lawn mowers are surprisingly quiet and produce virtually no vibration in the handle. That means you get a smooth quiet mow without ticking off your neighbors.


Corded Mower TIPS

  • When using an electric corded mower, keep the cord over your shoulder to better control it behind the mower.
  • Always move parallel along slopes instead of up/down slopes when mowing on an uneven surface. This will help prevent you from sliding into the mower or having it roll down on you.
  • Move the cord away from the discharge chute at every turn to avoid discharging debris into it.



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