Monthly Archives: February 2014

Help Your Lawn Breathe

Over time, the soil your lawn grows from becomes compressed, leaving no room for it to breathe. When this happens, your yard’s roots can’t get enough oxygen and nitrogen from the soil. This especially becomes a problem if you use a lawn roller. While lawn rollers can help make your lawn look great, they also […]

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Zero Turn Plow Blades

The Nordic Auto Plow Zero Turn Plow Blade, has the capabilities of attaching to nearly all zero turn lawn mowers thanks to the steel pivoting mounting bracket. The T-handle pin allows the operator to adjust the angle of the blade in five positions. This plow has a lightweight, rustproof design with rounded edge technology to […]

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3 Reasons to Use a Corded Mower

Gas lawn mowers are the standard in many back yards, but times – they are a changin’. 1. While you may hate pull-starting your mower so much that you’re exhausted before you’ve even begun mowing, a corded electric mower doesn’t need to be pull-started. It starts with the push of a button or the turn […]

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