3 Ways Rear Engine Riding Mowers Make Your Life Easier

If you’ve never heard of rear engine riding mowers, they’re simply riding mowers with the engine positioned under the seat.

They consist of a very simple design and offer a variety of options to fit your mowing habits.

Here are 3 ways rear engine riding mowers will make your life easier.

1. Mulch, Bag, or Shoot

You can choose to mulch the clippings, bag the clippings, or even simply shoot the clippings out the side-discharge.

For a very clean lawn, you can choose a hi-vac mower, which has a unique rolled-deck edge that actually vacuums up the grass clippings. Use this style of mower with a bagger for the cleanest lawn you can get.

2. Shift or Cruise 

You can opt for a manual transmission or take it easy with an automatic transmission. Manual transmissions are cheaper and easier to work on, but require shifting gears manually.

An automatic hydrostatic transmission provides a smoother ride for those who like to cruise while they mow, but they also come with a bigger price tag.

3. Keep it Simple 

Unlike with a lot of things in life these days, you know exactly what you’re going to get with a rear engine riding mower. They’re simple and easy to understand, which means no unwanted surprises.

If you want to take a step further and avoid dealing with gas and oil changes, you can even purchase an electric rider for the ultimate in ease of use.


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