Mulching Blades vs. Regular Blades

mulchvsstandardPeople use all kinds of terms when talking about their mower blades, so it’s not unusual to become a bit confused about them.

There are basically two kinds of mower blades. There’s standard mower blades, and there’s mulching blades.

Standard mower blades, sometimes called “high-lift blades” or “2-in-1 blades,” are the most common blades that simply cut the grass and propel it outward. They are called 2-in-1 blades because you can discharge the clippings or bag the clippings with the same blades. They’re also called high-lift blades because they create a higher lifting airflow to propel the clippings quickly away from the blades through either the discharge chute or into the collection bag.

Mulching blades, sometimes called all-purpose blades or 3-in-1 blades, are more complex in design. They’re called 3-in-1 because they are capable of mulching, discharging, and bagging. However, because mulching blades recirculate the grass through the blades for the purpose of mulching, they don’t create the same powerful airflow for discharging the clippings.

If you’re the kind to stay on top of mowing your lawn every 3-4 days, you may benefit from a mulching kit. However, if you’re the type who waits until your yard is six inches long before mowing, you may want to stick with standard high-lift blades.

While most mowers likely come equipped with a standard blade, some come equipped with mulching blades. If you’re not sure what blade your mower has, you can turn the mower over and inspect the blade. If there’s a model number stamped into it, check that with the manufacturer to determine what style of blade it is.


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