Prepping Your Mower for a New Season

After your mower has spent the winter stowed away in your shed, it’s important to give it a tune up and make sure it’s properly conditioned before starting it up in the spring.

1. You should change the oil in your mower at the start of every mowing season. You wouldn’t think of going too long without changing the oil in your car’s engine, and the same should apply to your mower’s engine.

2. Change your spark plugs. Spark plugs take quite the beating throughout a full spring, summer, and fall. Replacing the corroded spark plugs with fresh ones will help your engine start up and run more easily.

3. Replace your air filter. It’s important to keep your engine clean, and the air filter does exactly that. By replacing your old dirty air filter with a clean new one will help filter out particulates like dust and mold that are capable of doing some major damage to your engine.

4. Add fuel stabilizer to your tank to make sure the gas doesn’t gum up and clog the tank or fuel lines. Fuel stabilizer will help your engine start much more easily.


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