How to Change Your Lawn Mower Blade


When lawn mower blades get dull, they need to be replaced or sharpened. This is a common yet important part of maintaining your mower. To change your lawn mower blade, there are safety precautions you must take, and a few specific steps recommended for making it easier and more of a success.

1. To be safe, it’s important that you either unplug or remove the spark plug from your mower’s engine. The last thing you want to do is accidentally start the mower while you’ve got your hand wrapped in the blade!

2. Drain or siphon out all of the gas from the gas  tank into a portable gas can so you don’t end up spilling it out all over yourself. You can use a simple siphon pump to do this.

3. Once the gas is drained or siphoned out, turn the lawn mower on its side or upside down to access the undercarriage.

4. Using a stiff brush, an air compressor, or a pressure washer, clean the stuck-on grass clippings from the blade and undercarriage of the mower.

5. Use a piece of wood or other similar scrap material as a wedge between the blade and the mower housing to block the blade’s rotation.

6. Attach a socket and ratchet to the nut/bolt that holds the blade in place. Turn it to the left to loosen and remove the blade. If it’s stuck on, try using some penetrating oil to loosen it.

7. Remove the blade from the lawn mower.

8. Replace with a new blade, and be sure it’s settled into place the same way the previous one was. Tighten the nut/bolt back into place.

9. Set the mower back up on its wheels and refill the gas tank and oil.

10. Replace the spark plug and be sure it’s plugged in properly.

11. Start your mower, and cut some grass!



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