Lawn Mower Air Filter Maintenance

A lawn mower’s air filter keeps dust and other particles from entering your engine.  The mower filter should be replaced every three months to keep your lawn mower engine and parts running smoothly.

Add changing your mower’s air filter to your maintenance checklist for the end of summer.  Here are a few steps to changing the filter on your Mower.

All mowers have different engines so consult the owner’s manual for proper sizing for you Mower.


Step 1: Prepare your lawn mower before removing the air filter

Remove the spark plug wire and ground it against the engine as a safety precaution.

Step 2: Remove the mower filter retaining bolt

Use a flat head screwdriver to remove the retaining bolt from the lawn mower‘s air filter housing.

Step 3: Take out the mower’s filter

Separate the two housing halves and remove the foam filter from the housing.  Note the orientation of the housing.

Step 4: Clean the housing for the mower’s air filter

Clear away any debris from the filter housing to ensure the new filter will not collect any of the left over debris.

Step 5: Prepare the new air filter for the lawn mower

If your mower takes a soft foam style air filter, saturate it in clean engine oil. Squeeze the filter to remove as much of the oil as possible. The more rigid accordion style filters do not require this step.

Step 6: Install the new air filter

Place the new filter into the filter housing base.  Be sure you install the filter with the proper housing orientation.

Step 7: Close the mower filter housing and re-attach the retaining bolt

Place the cover over the base and re-install the retaining bolt.  Tighten the air filter housing with a slotted screwdriver.


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