Meet The PED Family

So you’re familiar with Mowers Direct, but how familiar are you with the rest of our PED family? Allow me to introduce to you the other all-stars:

Air Compressors Direct – For all of your air compressor needs.

Chippers Direct – Brand-name chipper shredders at an online price.

Chain Saws Direct – Cutting costs and improving service on your chainsaw needs.

Electric Generators Direct – Power when you need it!

Leaf Blowers Direct – Creating leaf piles for your children.

Log Splitters Direct – Split more than enough firewood while the weather’s still warm.

Pressure Washers Direct – Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Snow Blowers Direct – So you can see your driveway in February.

Sump Pumps Direct – Keeping your Christmas decorations dry in the off-season.

String Trimmers Direct – Pick up where your mower left off.

Tillers Direct – Because a hand-operated easel just doesn’t cut it.

Water Pumps Direct – Put water in its place.


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